March – #breakthebias

March was Women’s month on the Writing with Sandhya YouTube channel, celebrating women writers in various genres. It was an absolute honour to speak to a former economist, a professor, and an army officer, now turned into flourishing authors. Watch on.

Rohini Sathe  Being Good Enough
Shefali Arora  Dare.Dream.Travel.
Ex Lt.Col. Ankita SravastavaFrom Olive Green to Beauty Queen

Match the quotes to the episodes:

“Nice conversation, brilliantly explained Art of writing, journey & emotions of writer.” – Pratap Jaisinghani

“I have read her book. Interesting collection of travel adventures and misadventures.” – Shyam Kodavarthi. (on FB)

“Thank you both for such a lively interaction & especially the author’s journey from the armed forces to the world of letters.” – Biswajit Banerjee

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Next month’s theme? It’s a mystery. Wink. Wink.


About Sandhya Ranganathan

Sandhya is a dreamer, a writer and a globetrotter. She has authored a children’s book, “Mia finds a home,” and co-authored her father, Lt. Col. V.S. Ranganathan (Retd.)’s autobiography, “Burma to Bangalore”, represented by The Book Bakers and published by Locksley Hall Publishing. Her poems have been featured in various anthologies. She currently heads a Technical Communications team in an MNC and is on the board of Manage The Docs industry leadership community. She enjoys pottering around her home and garden in Bangalore, India, with her human and feline babies. Oh, and she loves miniatures and clouds.
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