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About Sandhya Ranganathan

Sandhya is a dreamer, a writer and a globetrotter. She has authored a children’s book, “Mia finds a home,” and co-authored her father, Lt. Col. V.S. Ranganathan (Retd.)’s autobiography, “Burma to Bangalore”, represented by The Book Bakers and published by Locksley Hall Publishing. Her poems have been featured in various anthologies. She currently heads a Technical Communications team in an MNC and is on the board of Manage The Docs industry leadership community. She enjoys pottering around her home and garden in Bangalore, India, with her human and feline babies. Oh, and she loves miniatures and clouds.

TBB – Army Adventures with Sandhya podcast

Presented by The Book Bakers channel on Mentza Let’s process the title bit by bit now. TBB? Stands for The Book Bakers, one of the largest literary agencies in India. “Army Adventures” – OK, this is about military stories, “with … Continue reading

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How has staying connected helped you?

I was at a panel discussion on Career Day at my daughter’s school today, when a voice at the back piped up with the question, “How has staying connected helped you?” Other panelists answered the question while my mind went … Continue reading

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Creative Writing 101

Are you a writer looking for ideas? A student who wants to know more about creative writing? A Language teacher who wants to share a writing resource with students? A parent who wants to inspire their children? Know someone who … Continue reading

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Hide-n-seek in the Himalayas

“What is that big racket?” “Just the propellers revving up in the plane.” We were seated in the Buddha Airways aircraft heading to Pokhara. Tarana has only flown on the big, commercial aircraft and was slightly alarmed to hear the … Continue reading

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VIP in Kathmandu

VIP = Very Indian Person And for a change, almost a VIP in a foreign country. You can get in to the country showing any Indian  government id, you have a separate line in immigration, you don’t need to remove … Continue reading

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Thukpa by the Stupa

I almost attained enlightenment as I meditatively ate a steaming bowl of wholesome and tasty thukpa, Tibetan thick noodle soup with veggies, meat and a hint of coriander and green chillies. From my table on the terrace cafe, I had … Continue reading

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Into the Ocean

She waddled hurriedly to her class waiting patiently in the constant sun. The snow lay thickly on the ground in Antarctica. The students were meeting for the first time and were chattering excitedly with each other. “Hi! My sister knows … Continue reading

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iFAQ (inFrequently Asked Questions) on Kashmir Trip

How safe is it to travel in Kashmir? The #1 question on everyone’s minds. From our experience, it was very safe to travel in the tourist areas of Srinagar Dal Lake, Pahalgam and Gulmarg. It happens to be the only … Continue reading

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Let it snow!

Skiing in March, in India, impossible? Possible. In Gulmarg, at 8700 feet. We had to take a gondola cable car, which is the second highest and longest in the world, up to Kongdori. The landscape was beyond T’s wildest dreams. … Continue reading

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Read this blog and save Rs. 2 lakhs!

Click bait! Getting into the art of it, if that can be called a achievement. Probably not. I guess I should stretch out the answer till the last para, but I haven’t mastered the art yet, so here it is … Continue reading

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